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Here you can get to know me a bit.

About me

I live in Berlin in Germany, I've moved there in Nov 2015. Mostly to learn new language and feel the cool vibe of the city. I'm passionate about software development, looking for people to share my passion. If you are interested in any type of collaboration with me, feel free to contact.

Software development

I mostly do web development, especially solutions based on Node.js, MongoDB and ElasticSearch. I currently work as a backend web developer for medical engineering industry. Before my move to Berlin, I did many different projects for Accenture, which was a great opportunity to get to know miscellaneous enterprise-based technologies. Software engineering still brings me a lot of fun and it's important for me to learn new things constantly, especially after finishing my degree in computer science.

You can see my CV by clicking on this link.

Beyond the professional work

One of recent side-projects is InteliFusion.net Labs. The site is still in development, but its content will focus on young developers starting their careers.

You can also see my GitHub repo.

Non-technical stuff

I really like electronic music, deep house, techno, trance etc. A lot of genres and performers to discover. And Berlin is a perfect place for electro fans, with a lot of clubs and festivals around. The other thing I really enjoy is getting to know other countries, foreign cultures, languages, especially Germanic and Slavic. I mainly travel around Europe and my favourite part of Europe is Scandinavia - calm lifestyle, cold weather and beautiful landscape.

Contact me

Do you think we have some things in common? You need a language tandem partner? Maybe you have some interesting coding problem to challenge? Do you have interesting projects or ideas to share? Looking for a travel partner, recommend interesting place to visit? Feel free to write.